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Special Education Advocacy League

Kona parents you are not alone!


Kona SEALS is a new group dedicated to learning how to be the best advocates for our children’s education. By working together, sharing experiences and resources, we will become more effective advocates to help our kids have the learning experience they deserve. We will work together to understand IEPs, 504s, assessments, parents’ and students’ rights, as well as school responsibilities. Bring your own challenges to the group and let’s work together to devise strategies to help our children succeed.

A proud boy with an achievement certificate.


“Kona SEALS will be a resource your family can depend on.”

Nick C.


“Kona SEAL’s strategies help parents navigate the special education process. In my years as an educator and a parent of a child with special needs,  I learned that parent involvement is the key factor in the success of a student.”

Jan E.